A note to officials:

Thank you for officiating the meet! A few things . . . 
  • We do not have the starting unit operator like we had in years past. The starting unit will be operated by the starter. 
  • When getting ready to start the race, we (the FAT operators) will press the ready button to signal that the FAT is ready. When the starting unit signals you that we are ready by the flashing green button, press the ready button. The unit will be ready to start the race.
  • Especially on the 200 meter race, it takes approximately 5 to 10 seconds to reset the system to be ready for the next race after the conclusion of the previous race. This is why we are going to operate the system by the operators pressing the ready button, followed by the starter pressing it. 

Once again, thank you for officiating the track meet!

Jonathan Troyer
Eureka Track